AOA Online Gambling



The reason I'm a fan of is simple. This online casino has been around for years and has been in the news recently for paying out a record breaking sum to one lucky Finnish player. Klaus E from Finland won an incredible $5.5 million from a tiny 50 cent bet on the online video slot Mega Moolah. But wait? this isn't the reason I love! Sure, they have a great looking site and some awesome games and jackpots to go with it, but the real reason is actually quite amusing.


Due to the name of this great online casino, a lot of would-be players dismiss it as somewhere they can only play blackjack. However, you and I know that houses more than 300 online casino games including blackjack, poker, roulette, slots and much much more! This means that whilst is popular, in my opinion its name prevents many people from playing. This means even more jackpot funds and special promos for you and I hahaha! Just remember: keep it on the down low :)